Selling Tips

6 Tips for Selling Your Home!

Get Rid of Clutter!

The absolute number 1 thing you must do first is get rid of the clutter! Without this step, there is no reason to continue any other preparations. No one wants to look at a home that is currently “lived in”. Successful home sales happen most often the prospective owner can visualize themselves living in the home. And there’s no way they can do that if they’re constantly bombarded with the image of your stuff living in their future home! This means getting rid of knickknacks, papers lying around, and especially extra furniture. It’s worth it to rent a storage unit for a month or two while waiting to sell. Think: if you wouldn’t see it in a hotel room decor, then remove it!

Open Up Room Space

By Grouping Furniture. Maybe it seems counter-intuitive, but grouping furniture together into “conversational” groups will create a more cozy feel and add the illusion of more space to a room.

Don’t Be Afraid to Move Furniture Around.

Just because you bought a piece to serve a purpose in one room, doesn’t mean it won’t look great serving a different purpose in another room. Move furniture around until you find the right space for it and add cute accessories to give it a more generic, hotel room type feel.

Consider Repainting.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room, especially if a room is too dark to begin with. Remember, you are trying to sell your home, not preserve it the way you have it currently. If you’ve got dark panelling in a room, cover it with a coat of neutral lighter paint. It will open it up and make it feel warmer immediately.

Use Smaller Furniture.

One of the reasons your home may look cramped is the size of your furniture. Consider adding smaller pieces for the time being by buying secondhand at garage sales or Craigslist. It’s a one-time expense that could net you thousands at negotiating time. In the same vein, if your house is empty, consider buying one-time furniture for the staging because a vacant home takes longer to sell than one with the proper furniture. Your home may look cramped by the size of your furniture.

Freshen Up the Outdoor Space.

Your patio or backyard space can be a gold mine for the value of your home. Adding some elbow grease, patio furniture, plants and a bit of colour with pillows or flowers creates a great return on investment. Potential homeowners love to consider the entertaining or leisure opportunity in a new home.