About Raptis Real Estate

Why do business with Raptis Real Estate

Raptis Real Estate is South Australian owned and locally operated. No other real estate agency will go to the lengths that we will to close a sale, secure the best price for your property and set new standards that others can only imitate. Professionalism and integrity are the hallmarks of our company.

Why do business with Team Raptis

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. So selling your property, renting your property or looking to buy, we are happy to help you achieve your goal. Our future rests in the results we deliver to our clients. You can then refer your friends and associates to us with confidence!

Everyone has different personalities and various experience when it comes to real estate.  So with big purchases, it is our focal point to have your back. Anything real estate is a milestone in your life, and we love to involved with our clients at this stage of their lives.

Real Estate is 24/7. This is why we love it because money never sleeps! So, understanding your property goals is vital for us to help you in making carefully calculated decisions when closing the deal.

Our company attracts a certain type of clientele, just like certain brands in fashion, motorsport and you guessed it real estate! We love selling million dollar properties in the Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide, but that does not mean that the sales process is not the same for a block of land, unit or Mansion.

Our family business has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of property, so it is our aim to provide our clients with the most up to date facts, figures and strategies to maximise their sale price. Selling Real Estate is a highly emotive process, so we are the rock on your side helping you to make the best decision in the marketplace.

Buying or selling real estate is very emotive, so we take the emotion out of the transaction and help our clients to tackle their objectives head on. Ultimately our reputation lies with the results of our clients. Therefore, it is with our utmost importance that our firm has your very best interests at heart.

With many years of experience, our team focuses their excellence with old fashion customer service with the blend of new tactics of online platforms to give you the very best, most cost-effective methods in the broker world. No sale is ever the same, so rest assured we will tailor your needs and wants to secure your next dream home!