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Lot 200 Chellaston Road, Munno Para West, SA, 5115

Lot 200 Chellaston Road, Munno Para West, SA, 5115,
$1,100,000 Sold
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  • 5,347 sq m
Christos Raptis
Christos Raptis
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Hey look over me… 5,347sqm with Planning Consent to divide 1 into 13 allotments (STCC).


Welcome to Lot 200 Chellaston Road, Munno Para West. It’s time to set your site as Development Planning Consent has been granted with a current application seeking a land division (1 into 13) allotments.


There is an opportunity to create as this site is currently vacant and ready to go! The proposed allotments range in size from 298 square meters to 424 square meters and have frontage ranging from 6 meters to 19.03 meters.


Check, check and check.

All allotments except the one facing Chellaston Road, will have access via an extension to Luvera Drive which forms part of the established road network. Cul-de-sac turning areas have been proposed at the end of the proposed extension to the road to enable manoeuvrability of vehicles and easy access to the proposed sites to the west.


The land has connection to all services (power, water, gas, electricity, telephone).


This one certainly keeps ticking all the boxes.


The allotment is a regular rectangular shaped residential allotment with a site area of approximately, 5049 square meters in total. The site has a frontage of 9 meters to Chelllaston Road and a further frontage of 59.3 meters to Luvera Drive.


The subject land is located within the General Neighbourhood Zone with a desired outcome of low rise, low and medium density housing that supports a range of needs and lifestyles located within easy reach of services and facilities.


One into 13 Allotments

Allotment 1- 300sqm

Allotment 2 – 300sqm

Allotment 3- 300sqm

Allotment 4- 324sqm

Allotment 5- 390sqm

Allotment 6- 424sqm

Allotment 7- 424sqm

Allotment 8- 390sqm

Allotment 9- 324sqm

Allotment 10- 300sqm

Allotment 11- 300sqm

Allotment 12- 300sqm

Allotment 13 – – 298sqm


CT / 6250 / 581

Council / City of Playford

Zone / General Neighbourhood Zone

Site Area / 5,049sqm

Land Size: 5,347sqm

Additional Information

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